night sky color palette with black blue shades sky painting with white dots of stars

This "Night Sky Color Palette With Black Blue Shades Sky Painting With White Dots Of Stars" Picture consists of 13 colours, which are Atlantic Depths, Blue Darknut, International Blue, Ruri Blue, Royal Navy Blue, Absolute Zero, Intergalactic Cowboy, Amnesia Blue, Bright Navy Blue, Ashton Blue, Starfleet Blue, Jordy Blue, Wasurenagusa Blue. This colour combination makes this picture nicer.

#001860rgb (0, 24, 96)Atlantic Depths
#0078f0rgb (0, 120, 240)Blue Darknut
#0030a8rgb (0, 48, 168)International Blue
#1848a8rgb (24, 72, 168)Ruri Blue
#0060d8rgb (0, 96, 216)Royal Navy Blue
#0048c0rgb (0, 72, 192)Absolute Zero
#181860rgb (24, 24, 96)Intergalactic Cowboy
#1860c0rgb (24, 96, 192)Amnesia Blue
#1878d8rgb (24, 120, 216)Bright Navy Blue
#4878c0rgb (72, 120, 192)Ashton Blue
#0090ffrgb (0, 144, 255)Starfleet Blue
#78a8d8rgb (120, 168, 216)Jordy Blue
#90c0f0rgb (144, 192, 240)Wasurenagusa Blue