grass color of pure green color real image landscape design

This "Grass Color Of Pure Green Color Real Image Landscape Design" Picture consists of 9 colours, which are Green Hills, Peter Pan, Luigi Green, Dry Highlighter Green, Sour Candy, Canopy, Barf Green, Witch Wart, Azure Radiance. This colour combination makes this picture nicer.

#007800rgb (0, 120, 0)Green Hills
#18a800rgb (24, 168, 0)Peter Pan
#48c018rgb (72, 192, 24)Luigi Green
#30a818rgb (48, 168, 24)Dry Highlighter Green
#60c048rgb (96, 192, 72)Sour Candy
#789000rgb (120, 144, 0)Canopy
#90a800rgb (144, 168, 0)Barf Green
#183000rgb (24, 48, 0)Witch Wart
#007818rgb (0, 120, 24)Azure Radiance