The earth without art is just an eh! Then, what can we do to make it more colorful? Sure, we can fill it up with the creative art. Anyway, most of us think that painting is such as a God Gift for some human that he desired. But God also gives us a lot of opportunity to learn and improve our painting skill through many ways. So, there are no reasons to be late to learn painting because you deserve to be master on it.

It is such as a blessing to be here and share the awesome information about painting. This day, we are going to talk about Color Picker, the benefits and simple step by step to access Color Picker Features. We can say that it is the perfect chance to learn for all of you guys as the painting beginners. Well, let’s get started!

What is Color Picker?

Alright, the first discussion will be great if we talk about Color Picker’s definition before we are going far to the steps and benefits. Yes, Color Picker is commonly known as Color Chooser or Color Tool. It is the graphical user interface widget which can be found on painting app, graphic software or online painting platform. It is functioned to choose the colors or even create the color schemes.

Basically, Color Picker will be easily found on any website or editing app. For example, you can find it on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Google Image Editing and many basic app that we usually use. Even right now, there are numerous Color Picker Website and Platform. Sure, they will be more focus on creating the color scheme, identify RGB Color Codes and so on.

What are the benefits of Color Picker?

Guys, you may be curious with the benefits of Color Picker. Personally, we can claim that Color Picker is the best tool for us as the painting beginners. In general, here some benefits of Color Picker, and here they are:

  • First of all, Color Picker helps us to identify the color codes of such images. It has the great Color Scanner Features that shows us the detail colors, codes and samples.
  • Then, it helps us to create the more stunning color scheme. Over than just a blue color, you can explore the more blue colors so it makes your image more eye-catching and unique.
  • For the next, it is simple to do. Most platforms provide the simple explanation and instruction so you will easily understand the step by step to run the Color Picker.
  • It is free access. You don’t need to pay any costs or tax because there are over than a hundred Color Picker Platforms that offer the free taxes for the users.
  • Color Picker is a great platform and tool for the painting beginners. It accommodates the space to practice painting, drawing and coloring every where you are. Indeed, you don’t need to prepare any painting equipments because you can do it online.

How to Access Color Picker Online Platform?

You have known the benefits of accessing Color Picker Platform and it is the great time to start exploring. Yes, you can prepare your electronic device with the latest version chrome or Firefox. Indeed, you must ensure that you have connected to the stable internet connection.

Then, you can start type down “Color Picker” on the browser search bar. Within less than a minute, you will find some platform lists. Simply, you can choose one of the best and run these simple step by step:

  • Step 1# Login to the Platform

First of all, you can start with login to the platform. Somehow, you need to complete the registration and submit your personal information. In this case, you may need to submit your personal information such as compete name, email address, create password and phone number.

  • Step 2# Insert the Image

Once you have accessed the site, you are able to explore the platform features. Just go on to the worksheet and get ready to insert the image. Guys, you can use your personal picture or even download it from Google Image. It will accept some types of images such as PNG, JPG and JPEG. In this case, you can drag the image to the worksheet or even click at “Insert” button and choose the image from your data.

  • Step 3# Fill up the Colors

When you have submitted the image, you are able to get the various color options. In this case, you only need to tap on the color and tap the side on your image. To make the unique colors, you can create the color scheme using Color Picker Tools. Here, you will be easily find Image RGB Color Codes and some unique color samples. Not to mention, it is HEX Color Codes, Pastel Colors or even Black and White Silhouette.

  • Step 4# Describe your Image

If you have finished completed your colors, you can describe the picture with your own words. In this case, you can add five to seven words to describe your image. You can talk about the colors, painting styles, image’s meaning and many more.

  • Step 5# Process the Image

Well, you are ready to check the result. And, you can click at “Process” image button. Within less than a minute, Color Picker Tool will show you the result with the complete color codes. Guys, you can keep it on the database or even download it on your personal computer data. Or, it is okay to share it to your social media account.

Step by Step to Access Color Picker on Adobe Illustrator

Like we have mentioned before, you can find Color Picker Feature on any popular app. And, Adobe Illustrator is one of the examples. Here guys, the step by step processes that you can do to access Color Picker on Adobe Illustrator:

  • Select an object in your Illustrator document
  • Choose the Fill and Stroke swatches at the bottom of the toolbar, double click the Fill swatch to bring up the Color Picker dialog box
  • Use the sliders on either side of the Color Spectrum Bar to select a hue. You can also tap on a hue in the Color Spectrum Bar
  • Choose the shade of the color by clicking and dragging on the circle in the Color Field
  • Click “OK” button
  • The Color Picker allows you to fine-tune your color selections. You can also use it to input specific RGB, HSB, CMYK, or HEX colors.

Well, Guys! It is all about Color Picker and steps to create Image RGB Color Codes. We hope that you can take the benefits and improve your painting skill in the easy and interesting ways. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!