sketch of a flower watercolor painting design of the purple flowers with its black shadow on a white paper

This "Sketch Of A Flower Watercolor Painting Design Of The Purple Flowers With Its Black Shadow On A White Paper" Picture consists of 15 colours, which are Kickstart Purple, Tetsu-Kon Blue, Bellflower, Orient Blue, Purple Amethyst, Good Karma, Free Speech Blue, North Star Blue, Apnea Dive, Indigo Light, Crow Wing, Cold Lips, Kettleman, Pig Iron, Woodbine. This colour combination makes this picture nicer.

#7878c0rgb (120, 120, 192)Kickstart Purple
#181848rgb (24, 24, 72)Tetsu-Kon Blue
#6060a8rgb (96, 96, 168)Bellflower
#484878rgb (72, 72, 120)Orient Blue
#9090c0rgb (144, 144, 192)Purple Amethyst
#303078rgb (48, 48, 120)Good Karma
#4860c0rgb (72, 96, 192)Free Speech Blue
#183090rgb (24, 48, 144)North Star Blue
#3048c0rgb (48, 72, 192)Apnea Dive
#6078d8rgb (96, 120, 216)Indigo Light
#180018rgb (24, 0, 24)Crow Wing
#90a8f0rgb (144, 168, 240)Cold Lips
#606060rgb (96, 96, 96)Kettleman
#484848rgb (72, 72, 72)Pig Iron
#787830rgb (120, 120, 48)Woodbine